About the Product

Premier Pure Hand Sanitizer helps reduce bacteria on skin and may kill 99.9% of germs on contact. Our hand sanitizer formula is compounded according to Alcohol (ethanol) (80%, volume/volume, (v/v)) in an aqueous solution, is FDA approved and consistent with World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations.

RPP is producing more than 20,000 gallons per day, with that number growing daily.  This potentially life-saving product is now available in 2oz., 3oz., 8oz., 15oz., 32oz., 64oz., 128oz. quantities. If you’ve been having difficulty finding a safe and affordable hand sanitizer, contact us today.

Because of the shortage of pumps and dispensing systems RPP Products suggests refiling existing smaller pump dispensing bottles, or taking the bottle cap off, and adding any household sprayer to the top of the bottle for convenient and thorough hand sanitizing.

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